7 Passive Income Ideas I Wish I Started Sooner

In this video clip, I will look at 7 easy revenue ideas to begin for newbies online. Earning money online through passive streams of earnings isn’t easy. It requires persistence as well as patience. But if you can broaden your time perspective as well as accumulate your passive earnings sources you can at some point gain ridiculous amounts of passive money online when you sleep, even if you’re from Europe, Asia, India, etc – My YouTube Video Course (discover to make YouTube videos in your pyjamas) – https://store.thaomaoh.com/b/youtube-video-course

Wallpaper – https://store.thaomaoh.com/b/twirl

– My Newsletter – https://thaomaoh.substack.com/

Exactly how to produce an online program – https://youtu.be/OqvgunbQNP4
Skillshare – https://skillshare.eqcm.net/GetStarted
Udemy – https://www.udemy.com/
Payhip – https://bit.ly/bogPayhip
Substack – a system for beginning a newsletter – https://substack.com/
Hostinger – for beginning a website – https://bit.ly/bogHostinger

– Master Google Sheets: Creating a Simple Monthly Expense Tracker – https://skl.sh/3Ynz0fd
– Going Viral: Make YouTube Shorts That Viewers Watch & Share – https://skl.sh/3JVzLbz
– Stop Wrestling With Canva: 50+ Canva Tips as well as Tricks, and Keyboard Shortcuts – https://skl.sh/3TXosSv
⌨ – Stop Wrestling With Photoshop: 50+ Tips, Tricks & Keyboard Shortcuts – https://skl.sh/3iLjmv5
– Recording & Editing a Voiceover: Make Amateur Voiceover Sound Professional Without Expensive Gear – https://skl.sh/3VQtots
– Prepare a Healthy Tortilla Under 10 Min: For People Who Value Time – https://skl.sh/3QLCyUB
– Video Editing With Premiere Pro For Beginner YouTubers – https://skl.sh/476VGWp

Exactly how to play the YouTube video game (Notion layout) – https://thaomaoh.gumroad.com/l/youtube-game

– Envato Elements – For Stock Footage & Graphics – https://bit.ly/bogEnvatoElements
– Epidemic Sound – For Copyright-Free Music – https://share.epidemicsound.com/r1rpp4
– Luminar AI – For Enhancing Thumbnails – https://skylum.evyy.net/LuminarAI
– TubeBuddy – For Optimizing YouTube Videos- https://bit.ly/TubeBuddy-Start
– My MacBook – https://amzn.to/3LakDpQ
– VPN I’m making use of rn – https://bit.ly/ThaoNordVPN

0:00 Introduction
0:42 Passive Income 1
3:02 Passive Income 2
4:38 Passive Income 3
6:08 Passive Income 4
7:15 Passive Income 5
8:48 Passive Income 6
10:07 Passive Income 7
11:05 Passive Income 8
12:01 Conclusion

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